25 Replies to “Amazing Trick Shots by Severiano Ballesteros”

  1. you make a dent in the green with your ball (push it down) and then putt normally and it will jump up!!!!!!! not hard at all hahaha

  2. theyre weighted golf balls, watch at 00;49 when he rolls the ball over getting ready to hit it…still cant work out how it jumps though lol

  3. RIP Seve and Happy B-day Monday April9,2012 from Augusta

    R.I.P. Seve and Happy B-day tomorrow April 9,2012 from Augusta,GaXOXO

  4. Awesome video…very inspiring about what is possible in this incredible game!

  5. Just incredible Thanks for sharing! Going to subscribe to your channel. Please check out my channel too. I have been posting on the mental side of golf which Seve obviously has mastered : )

  6. Simply the best – of my generation. Certainly charismatic and the modern players owe him a great gratitude.

  7. Anyone notice how he actually started to look a bit like Ty Webb as he got older?

  8. its shots like these which puts him in a class few ever got remotely close to
    Woods could never have done what Seve did with that bloody three iron
    as well as Trevino inventive as he was Hogan probably would have shrugged
    and said my job is to stay out of bunkers Nelson would have just laughed and said, thats when I use my sand wedge
    Seve would have answered them all by all: I did it my way

  9. VIVA LA GOLF “SEVE SOTA” You can show Mr B.Hogan how to get out of a Cloud with a 3 iron next ? God Bless You Ambre – R.I.P Seve

  10. Love Seve! LOL check out 2:16 he has a tatoo of a golfer on his left arm! thats badass lol!

  11. No other like Seve. Some unreal shots there. Could have done without the Tina Turner but thanks for the video.

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