17 Replies to “Fred Couples Top Ten Highlights – Part 1”

  1. Look up swag in the dictionary, you will see Freddy Couples under the ‘noun’ definition.

  2. I saw Freddy this year when he and his girlfriend were going to dinner. Asked him him if he was playing in the tournament that weekend and wished him good luck. Class act guy.

  3. im going to name my first born fred couples.. boy or girl, doesnt matter… its definitely going to be named fred couples…

  4. when that guy said “I like to call fred the paper boy, cuz he can always deliver.” he was probably like “damn thats the best line ive ever said in my life!”

  5. lol at #6 after Freddy drains the putt and took that guy’s cap and threw it up in the air during his celebration

  6. Yep, they did room together and the story goes that they used to ‘practice’ giving Fred a jacket, like he had won the Masters, with Nantz doing to commentary. Of course, in ’92, all that practice paid off.

  7. There was a third roomie among them, former Tour player Blaine McCallister.

  8. that ’96 players champion was one of the most exciting golf ever. how do you go from 4 down to winning the thing by 4 shots with three holes to play?

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