11 Replies to “The magic of Seve Ballesteros RIP – 5 of his very best moments in Golf. (GolfGoon.com)”

  1. @myrtlebox And I bet you think your a great person? Just for saying that you suck as a person…. Of courses he’s in it for money, would you be if you played in the PGA? He donated to charity a lot and he loved his money, just like every other person in the world does..

  2. myrtlebox you total dick. Remembering Seve for gamesmanship is like remembering Tom Lehman solely for running all over Olazabal’s line at the Ryder Cup. You have utterly no proof or basis to say he only cared for money – Seve was driven by a will to win and nothing else.

  3. Great golfer, but not a very nice person.  Sorry, it has to be said. Just because he died of cancer doesn’t make him noble. He was the KING OF GAMESMANSHIP and only really cared about money.

    Seve – you kinda sucked as a person.

  4. Un orgullo para todos los cántabros,españoles y amantes del golf…en definitiva,un orgullo para todos…

  5. Magnificent……….the greatest golfer I have ever seen. I hope you are teaching my mum to swing like you in heaven xxx

  6. life is too short. I believe Steve finished his purpose to inspire us Golfers!

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