Watson gets a customized car from Oakley

American legendary golfer Bubba Watson has been well known for both his playing career as well as his personal life. Last year, the golfer signed a contract with Eye wear company Oakley and as a sign of their goodwill; the company has decided to gift the golfer a custom made Ford Raptor.

The company has acquired a Ford Raptor Super Crew Cab, which was modified by its golf and motorsports division, and was completely customized in around six months. The car is a symbol of good faith among the golfer and Oakley and can be the signal of major endorsements in the future.

The Raptor has a completely bulletproof exterior which even includes the windows and also the custom black digital wrap around the car. It also has the remodelled 6160 billet Oakley grille, a special Oakley logo in the hood, and specially ordered black rims. The interior is also carefully designed with features of lime green colour, which is Bubba Watson’s favourite colour. The seats have a distinct green stitching; complete with the official Oakley branded head rests which enhance the features of the green dashboard. The most unique part of the car is its custom horn which plays the legendary track from the Dukes of Hazard – General Lee.

The car is an extremely big gesture from the company who signed Bubba Watson last year and it can be safely said that it is the start of a very successful partnership which may see both the parties profit from endorsements. The American golfer has a good fan following and as a result, he will be major for the company if they are looking to increase the popularity of their name and brands by putting a public figure in charge of their advertising and endorsement which ensures more coverage and profit.