9 Replies to “1996 British Open – Nick Faldo’s Final Round Shots”

  1. I still think the 2nd into 17 is one of the best shots I’ve ever seen Faldo hit. I’ve played Lytham and that 2nd shot is blind, long and completely daunting over cross bunkers, sand dunes and a cross wind. He just pures a 5 iron with a high draw to land it perfect to let it run up to the pin, class

  2. @cockywatchman1976, The 1st take of this video was designed and created around Starship Trooper by YES, than mixed in with a few more YES tracks, the video worked really good. It was only 10:59, so this ver. has more footage. It kind of depends on the record company if you can use a specific recording or not. Starship Tropper is uploaded on YouYube, however only specific users may use that recording. (It got rejected) Sometimes YouTube changes it policy on songs, aka the Working Man video.

  3. I was there that day, and remember being slightly embarassed by how vociferous the crowds were for Faldo. I felt a bit bad for Tom Lehman. Nick’s missed birdie putts at 5, 6 & 7 just killed his challenge stone dead.

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