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  1. @cockywatchman1976 ok what causes a push slice? Inside out open clubface! You need to state that the clubface will close after impact.cthe

  2. @cockywatchman1976 ok what causes a push slice? Inside out open clubface! You need to state that the clubface will rotate closedmafterm

  3. Just going on what he says-he’s wrong! It’s not even debatable. If the clubface points at target you’ll snap hook it if you do as he says. You HAVE to aim right if you want to hit a draw OR open clubface during swing. Search NEW ball flight laws on youtube (sure they aren’t new-physics is physics, but thats what they call em!)

  4. I’m not sure he meant to point the face directly at his target, “close it to the target”, but I’m not sure he means all the way. So he lines up right of target, points the face left of that but still right of target, the ball will bounce off the face near to where the face is pointing, and curve towards the target. Also your numbers may be true but with high lofted clubs the face mostly points up, so you’ll start the ball pretty much to where you swing.

  5. there are types of a good golfer. the first is the one that plays purely on feel and instinct for the game. the second is one that plays the game on the science of clubs and the new laws of golf and has a very mechanical swing

  6. Don’t be a complete prat. Good golf is becoming MORE based on science than ever. Do you know about something called Trackman? The D Plane? You are a complete ignorant moron-only capable of childish playground insults. Grow up you big baby

  7. Like the video and the chair! Mind you if you really did close the face to the target at impact the chair would get a ball.
    Agree with cockywatchman1976 trackman and even Alastair Cochran back in 1968 proved the face had to point somewhere right of target for a draw.(or left for a fade). At least at impact at any rate.
    Preferred the slightly closed reference (to where you aim), but anyway I bet you dont struggle to actualy play it!

  8. Did he say 5 iron 170 to 175 yards? Thats how far I hit mine, of course he can knock it stiff while I hook it into the bunker!

  9. @atoomey212 Now of course you’re going to be jumping up and down saying “he’s on tour etc”…so what!!! Yes, he’s a far superior plater to me, but he still clearly has an inferior understanding of the physics of golf (as you do) and I can explain a more fool proof, science based way of hitting a draw. It comes down to one key understanding we have learned since trackman has started being used-path doesn’t dictate initial ball direction (only to 20%), club face angle is the main factor. FACT

  10. @atoomey212 Look, it’s not even an argument!!!! I’m just stating FACTS. It’s physics, forget your silly feel theories-you may feel something, but that isn’t real! The ball starts 80-85% on the line of the clubface….this is 100% fact that we KNOW. I don’t care if you are 36 handicap, scratch or Tiger woods, the fact is that I am right and Poulters video is the “old thinking” on hopw to hit a draw. It will work to a point, but almost certainly he isn’t doing what he thinks.My way is better

  11. No reason for this not to work.

    If I stand positioned straight out and close the clubface the ball hooks/draws every time. It goes out straight a bit then comes around opposite a slice or fade, so it stands to reason that if I do this intentionally and just aim my body right of target that it will draw or hook back towards the target .

  12. You need to aim a little right first-or the ball will start too straight and finish left of target-with your method.  Unless you open the face during the swing….if the method works for you its because you open the face…..if you did exactly what you describing youd hook it.

  13. I’m not English so I will make more mistakes.If you want to play a draw you should point with your clubface to the target,swing from inside to outside and if you want to play a stronger draw,your stand should point right of the target.If your golf is good,you can play with the method of Ian also to the target.And a spectator cant see any difference between the method I told and the method of Ian,not even you because the ball starts right and comes back to target

  14. Yes it does-unless the clubface opens. The ball starts on the face-ie left, as its closed, and spins further left with trhe path being right of the face. This means a snap hook

  15. Others are saying Im correct, and I am. My and your handicap is irrelevant. The FACT of science is that we KNOW the ball starts 80-85% on clubface-not path. Hence what hes doing is just wrong-you will snap hook it. Thing is he doesnt do it EXACTLY as he thinks-he opens the face slightly because he is a good player. Its the old feel and mechanics being different. I was just saying its bad advice because it doesnt work like that. By the way inpossible isn’t a word, it’s impossible

  16. …and a closed clubface do not mean a hook ball flight if the stand points to the right….

  17. omg, a stereotype of a smartass! It works so it is inpossible that it is wrong. By the way my handicap is 2,4….

  18. You lot sound like a right bunch of twats. Get over it. Go and hit some balls or something.

  19. Cockywatchman is correct. This is the one of the most pernicious falsehoods in golf. Ball flight starts primarily in the direction normal to the club face. Path influence is about 20% or less. What’s so pathetically funny about it, is that the same false concept would mean that loft on a club would have little effect on the launch angle of a shot. Duh!!!

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