13 Replies to “Ian Poulter Signing Autographs @ 93rd PGA Championship (Atlanta Athletic Club) 2011”

  1. good player but just doesnt seem able to make that jump like all the best do. cant see him ever being worlds number1 although top 10 is on the cards. look at rory or fowler and you just think they are in a different class.

  2. just the way he talked to the newspaper reporter, its just my opinion though

  3. @navycommand cc of the south is a very nice course and only about 5-10 minutes from aac.

  4. my uncle who lives in Georgia is going to all days, he belongs to Country Club of the South, dont kno where that is to your course

  5. That’s sick! I’m going to the deautcha bank championship later this year. You should of tried to get in a tour van!

  6. haha awesome vid, you were right in front of him!.. are you going to attend the Pga Champoinship all four days?

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