8 Replies to “Nick Faldo – 13th Hole – 1996 US Masters – Final Round (Greg Norman)”

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  3. Did you see my comment previously? Venturi was unaware until the ball was on the green and then was speechless for a moment that Sir Nick had hit such an amazing shot.

  4. I remember Ken Venturi’s announcing that day, a lame, old-man rant about how Faldo ‘just had to’ and ‘must’ lay up. Surely he couldn’t go for it with a hanging lie with a 218 carry….

    I bet CBS burned the tape. It was crap announcing on what I think is the best 2 iron I’ve ever seen.

  5. I could watch this every day! The only thing missing is the original broadcast call by Ken Venturi, who was totally unaware that Sir Nick was going for it.

  6. What if Greg went for the green? A possible 3? Humm… I doubt it, lay up probably was the right call.

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