2 Replies to “Nick Faldo vs Greg Norman – Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf – July 1994 – 6th & 7th Holes”

  1. It is an awesome golf course. I went there for the ’09 Seniors Open. Faldo struggled with his game throughout ’94 and never really got it back. In this match he was pulling everything to the left. Norman later sarcastically joked that this match was “a barrel of laughs” because Faldo was sulking practically the whole way round!

  2. Great vids Gachet. Faldo seemed out of sorts with a few iron shots, he must have really had the adrenaline going too much and pumped up. This course looks so Good!!! I’d love to play there some day with classic clubs, persimmons, ect. That would be the ticket for sure.

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