23 Replies to “Peter Alliss loves Fred Couples – Masters 2010”

  1. Be in no doubt Peter is the man without equal– greatest comment !!! probably when on air he was describing the putter grip of Chris Demarco, `extrordinary, the last time i saw a grip like that was before they demolished the gents toilet at euston station` class.

  2. eccentric is fine but his rubbish about golfing crowds and how they are much more knowledgeable at one event over another and also if he could still get away with he would love to keep recounting his racist jibes. I’m not american and am Caucasian but his vitriol for Tiger Woods was barely concealed.

  3. stick it huzcer. who would you prefer? some sky idiots telling us things we already know about augusta and commercial breaks every ten minutes. or even jim nance with his droning voice. allis is an absolute mad old fool yes but he is great entertainment. next thing you will be having a pop at ken on the course. its eccentric yes but great entertainment. god bless peter allis, ken brown and bbc golf coverage. alex hay rip

  4. I fooking hate Peter Alliss the fat fook with all his boring old sh1t stories. he is living in the dark ages with a fairy tale view of golf when it was only played by toff knobs.

  5. Lol…my dad’s about freddy’s age and I got him some of those shoes for Christmas last year….we built a fire just so we could take a picture of him with a blanket over, a cereal bowl in his lap, a pipe in his mouth, and the shoes sticking out of the blanket…..XD

  6. 1) Gotta love Peter Alliss’s Paedo voice. Only person that can make money sounding like a kiddie fiddler.

    2) Fred Couples and his silly shoes piss me off so much. I would bet my house he has some Chiropractor (or as we like to call them in the UK – con artists) telling him all these silly things.

  7. now days its hard to say, but you can count on, that when freddie was at his best, no many could match him in swing speed

  8. good old peter!! this isn’t just a one off. he’s like this all the time when commentating. you are a legend peter!

  9. “”oh Freddie… well that’s not bad for a mature male””

    very very creepy

  10. hahahha Peter Alliss is the man. I don’t think anyone should hate on him, he just has that typical british, dry sense of humor and he’s just having some fun. Peter is world class in the broadcasting field and in many cases regarded as the greatest commentators of all time. Let ’em do his thang.

  11. Freddie is one of the coolest, smoothest, most likable public figures I’ve ever seen; I don’t think it ever occurred to me to call him “adorable”, though.

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