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  1. Hi, you’re on the internet, three areas to avoid in conversation with the average citizen, religion, politics and Northern Ireland, learn to avoid these and you’ll be fine, failure to avoid these and you’ll be catapulted into a life-draining exercise in human stupidity and horrible grammar, a daunting prospect indeed…..

    Thank you for your compliance, please continue browsing.

  2. to live on the island of ireland, whether it be north or south…and mcilroy can do whatever he wants-he is doing the island proud 🙂 yeah so the only pblm i do have is when people call me british when i in no way feel that way whatsoever, and they simply go “but you are NI is part of the uk”. that’s such an ignorant, patronising,insulting, and fleeting comment to make about someone.anyhooooo…

  3. britain or british people. i love the country, have friends there, love visiting there. i dont have a problem with protestants in the north calling themselves british (most are going to do it anyway, even though sometimes i genuinely do feel “well britain don’t even want northern ireland, and if you go to britain and say you are british they probably look at you and go “huh?? no you are irish-i’ve never seen that conversation but i imagine it’s happened a lot)..anyway,so we should all be proud..

  4. im from n.ireland
    i have no problem calling myself northern irish, or just irish. i was raised a catholic, but have no problem whatsoever with any other religion. i don’t even practice religion.whats the point.we are all the same.
    however, i don’t consider myself british-i never have, i never will. i don’t feel british, i don’t sound british, we in the north are different to the british. our humour, personalities are similar (everyone on the island-north and south). i don’t have a problem with..

  5. I hope you’re scottish or something, because, back during the famine, the english didn’t like the NI presbyterians or protestants along with the Irish Catholics. why do you think they were sent to ireland during the plantation of ulster? therefore, i’m afraid some of your ancestors died during the famine too. look at your history books. sorry for the reality check. your comment pissed be off because of the ignorance of facts, not because it greatly offended me.

  6. I completely 100% agree with you, I was born in Belfast and while I’ve have spent most of my life in England and carry a British passport, I regard myself as Irish (Don’t see much point in making a fuss over North or South as it’s THE SAME ISLAND!) I support Rory and saw his victory as something we North and South could be proud of; just because I’m protestant and he’s Catholic should I not? HELL NO! Religion and politics shouldn’t carry weight in this at all.
    Also… RANGERS 🙂

  7. and this week mcilroy is playing for ireland in the world cup,the same as 2 years ago;his management team?Dublin based,as for northern ireland as a country???wtf?Scotland,wales and england have their own anthems,not so for norn iron,repatriation is inevitable…………

  8. I respect him for playing golf in Europe but I really wish he would go to the PGA tour

  9. one more thing. why couldn’t we have just enjoyed it all over Ireland. its a great feat for a man from the same island as everyone else. politics shouldn’t be involved. we should be united in the fact that we all support Rory. that’s all that matters, right?

  10. this crap is getting old. i wear a rangers jersey, yet i have irish citizenship. does it mean i love Britain? no. does it mean i hate them? no. he can call himself whatever he likes, but northern ireland is in fact on the island of ireland. hence, northern IRELAND. i don’t mind people calling themselves british, but you should be northern irish first and foremost if you don’t want to call yourselves just irish. and yes, I am a catholic rangers fan with irish citizenship.just get on people.

  11. his accent sounds irish, northern ireland is one of the four countries of the united kingdom and ireland is a whole other country. so therefor he is british.

  12. @DrrnTW you can’t force mcilroy to play under a foreign flag. He is from northern Ireland and his flag is the red hand of ulster, which he uses on his official website because he is a proud ulsterman who quite rightly classes himself as being British. C’mon Rory do it for northern Ireland!

  13. the reason why irish people claim the nothern plyers to be irish is because they all play under one organisation called the GUI. they should all be playing under the one flag just like in rugby and in boxing. the GUI was formed in the republic of ireland therefore the northern players shouldbe playing under the tri colour

  14. Hopefully Her Majesty will cut the rug from under the feet of all the Oirishand when she hands him a gong. The way he’s going, and the way he’s promoting golf off the course, it’ll be sooner than later. And deserved.

  15. Okay let’s set it straight He’s not from Ireland He’s from Northern Ireland n if u Cunts don’t like that then. The Famine’s over way don’t u go home

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