6 Replies to “Rory Mcilroy Iron vs. Driver”

  1. this is not worth comparing, the iron your trying to hit a certain yardage, the driver your just trying to hit as far as possible. The driver has a longer flatter plane than the irons.. whats there to compare with an iron and driver swing if they’re so different?

  2. True the angles are not spot on, but still can be used as a good comparison of Short iron and Driver. You cannot argue with the difference in the length of the swing, and the delivery position prior to impact.

  3. That was a complete waist of time, he is bang on plane definitely not outside with a wedge. That angles are all wrong. Come on Man your a golfer

  4. Ok 1 thing it’s a completely different angled video that’s twice you have done that. You can’t make an accurate analysis because of the angles good effort tho

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