13 Replies to “Rory McIlroy – Out of Form??”

  1. Biggest problem is he’s been getting his shoulder line and feet line all out of whack. They showed it when he hooked it way left during the BMW this year or wherever it was. His feet are starting to aim too far right while he’s reaching to the left with his driver, getting his shoulders pointing left at the same time. This disconnection in your feet and shoulder line is going to bring those big two-way misses into play…

  2. Thanks, I will when I get a chance but I have actually fixed it for the most part. All it was for me was to move my takeaway in one piece, and keep my shoulders connected to my arms all the way to the top. I have more width now at the top. All is was doing before was swinging my arms straight back, and I would get to the top with an incomplete shoulder turn and a narrow flat position, I got away with it because I compensated on the downswing

  3. A valid thought. Feel free to send us over a video of your swing if you would like it analysed by us.

  4. Im sorry sir, I forgot that you know every golf coach in the world. Firstly, I didn’t hear him say what his issues where. We noticed instantly what his issues were way before he publicly admitted that there was an issue with his swing technique.

  5. Hi, sorry for the late reply. Hes slowly getting better and back towards swing the way he should be. I think it will be a little while before he gets his confidence fully back to where he was at the end of last year.

  6. Its quite common with what we see in the academy. If you would like an analysis of your swing please feel free to send us a video.

  7. I had this problem with my takeaway, the issue was that it caused me to drop my hands to much on the downswing because I would be more laid off at the top

  8. Wow, I wasn’t aware he was swinging this badly. What do you think his chances for the Masters is? He seems to be getting the swing back, although his confidence isn’t there yet. No doubt he’ll get it back though!

  9. Trying to keep the club outside the hands. The only thing is, your hands have to come towards the body in order to achieve it while staying on plane. Just look at Tiger.

  10. Good vid but only because u heard mcilroy say his problems. I love how no coach knew what was wring with his swing until he said wgst the problem was

  11. A considered view – it would be interesting to know what McIlroy and his coach say he is working on.

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