25 Replies to “Rory McIlroy What’s In The Bag – New 2013 Nike golf line-up”

  1. at least you’re being fair lol – when someone pays to play their equipment, you’re under contract to say certain things, nothin to do with honesty.

  2. listen to what you just said – these guys play for money on the tour, but the real money is made in endorsements. You’re not going to pass up NIKE money just because you’re nervous about the change. If his swing is legit, which it is, he’ll adjust eventually.

  3. It’s so stupid to switch your whole bag of clubs when you’re world number 1. Even if he is getting a ton of money.

  4. I really don’t get the feeling Rory is being being totally honest. It feels as though he is being told to say these things. If I was being paid the amount he as being paid I would do the same to be fair. I would much prefer to play titleist than Nike.

  5. I would say 5-10 years ago Nike equipment was inferior to the top brands, but these days they’re right up there with the best. Perhaps the ball is the only compromise compared to the Titleist, but it’s simply a different feel and he will get used to it and I have no doubts that McIlroy will be back to his best in no time.

  6. Wrongo, Tiger began his Pro career with MP-14s, then switched to Titleist, then Nike. His initial number one ranking was primarily from his work with the Mizunos. The ranking lags because it is measured over a long period, so Tiger had already switched to Titleist when his ranking finally reflected his Mizuno days. He was number one long before Nike.

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  8. Finally someone who has a shred of sense rather than saying its his equipment.

    Hes out of sync and the peanut gallery assumes its the equipment not the man behind it.

  9. Its not his clubs FFS, hes so far out of tempo right now if you cant see it your either not looking hard enough or know pretty much nothing about golf.

    I’m not defending Nike, his clubs are completely custom and would be almost exactly the same as his old clubs equipment only makes so much difference.

    You really think Nike would spare any money setting up the world number one with the best possible clubs?

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  12. Titleist clubs are by far better equipment then Nike. Tiger didn’t get number 1 till after he played with Nike clubs. Rory was number 1 with Titleist. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. Rory made a huge mistake switching to Nike. It is showing.

  13. If Rory knows what is good for his future, he will show up at Titleist headquarters on his knees begging for the to take him back. Biggest mistake of his career.  Tiger didn’t get number 1 in the world till after he signed and played Nike. Rory was already number 1 with Titleist. You don’t just change equipment when you are number 1 in the world.

  14. Lets just say, with lollipops you get great taste. With nikes, you dont even get that.

  15. Nick Faldo was right, he has taken a very risky career move, it wasn`t broke so why did he fix it? surely not for money these pro golfers want trophies not money, like most pro sports money is killing or has killed the game, imho.

  16. yeah thats why thorbjorn oleson is playing mint having changed to all nike equipment this year you tit

  17. nike is the “”kiss of death”” to a pro golfer…….missed the cut first time out……

  18. fantastic player, mature and sensible as well. but really, what corporate nonsense is he talking here?

  19. I don’t think Nike makes the best clubs in the world but, for 200 million who wouldn’t sign with Nike?

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