Rose’s Advice To Rahm And Other Young Players

Before the start of the Irish Open, once US Open champion Justin Rose, give out some sobering advice to young players Jon Rahm and other.

He suggests them that players should know how to control their excitement and anger. Sometime, it becomes important to keep the behavioral conduct in control.

Rahm, who is now just 22 years old, is one of the most exciting and talent golfers in the new generation golfers. He drew lots of criticism for his unsporting manners before missing the cut at Erin Hills in the US Open.

Rahm showed hot temperament in rural Wisconsin, where players like Hideki Matsuyama and Rickie Fowler were there.

This action of Rahm, who is from the United States sent many of his fans onto social media to register his hot-tempered before he made it to the US Open championship with scores of 76 and 73. He missed the cut by five strokes.

Ahead of Irish Open, Rahm said he apologized for his demeanor and he had apologized to both Fowler and Matsuyama. In the US Open Matsuyama finished runner-up.

Advising the young players Rose said “The action that happened at Erin Hills should not happen again,” he said.

On the other hand, Rahm said “With my action at Erin Hills, I am deeply sorry and embarrassed. I deeply apologize to Hideki and Rickie for what I did”.

Rahm said, for he has fought a long battle to control his demeanor on the golf course, but sometimes he loses control over it spectacularly.

He further said that, “It really feels sorry and my deeds frustrate me, the person who did all his and seen on television is not the one I am. I am not like that”.

On the other hand, Rose said, it is good that they feel sorry about it, but this is an unacceptable behavior on the course and they should learn how to control it.