24 Replies to “Ryder Cup Golf 2008 Ian Poulter’s amazing play”

  1. i get crossed eyed watching poulter in the press conference. is there a reason why?

  2. Uh, I think you’ll find there were certain players who played much better than Poulter. To name a few: John Francis, Gary Steelman, Timothy House & Charles Kovern. These 4 played much better than both Vilegas and Poulter. Plus, they’re more underrated – Check you’re facts before you go posting things on youtube. Your IQ is too low to be messing with computers.

  3. im from england and your a prick, the irish/northern irish have mcilroy and g mac who unlike lee westwood has won a major, all english golfers are near misses, lee westwood will do a monty on it, luke donald 2nd place man other than the matchplay, and ian poulter and casey are over rated they dont win as much as they should

  4. Fuck me you two need to go out and get a life arguing over YouTube what a pair of retards.

  5. omg now you’re giving me your philosophy on life and education, when does it end? ffs this is going way off topic now, and too much time is being spent bitching over the internet, I’m going to stop now this is just ridiculous and a person with a Masters degree should know better than to slag somebody’s country or to even boast about it online where everyone can see it. Nowadays you’d be more impressed to meet someone with a secure and well paid job. Now leave me alone please.

  6. What intelligence??lol You can’t even count cause you haven’t noticed that our current golfers on tour have more majors than you have. And say what you like about Northern Ireland, at least we didn’t vote in that shitty labour government that fucked up the economy, well done England your obviously smarter than we are. And I actually go to a grammar school so my IQ should be higher than average considering I’ve made it into my final year. Have fun at your comprehensive school.

  7. So what there are more English golfers than there are Irish cause your population is about 10 times ours, you would expect more golfers on tour. The fact is that we’ve got the majors, you don’t, so screw you cause you have no proof of anything you say. And Match play?? Guess who I saw on the cover of the papers the day after the Ryder Cup, that’s right Graeme McDowell cause he won the most important match and kept himself composed beautifully. So fuck off with you match play BS.

  8. omg boxing is a completely separate sport you retard. Stop messaging me you keep saying England has better golfers when none of them have even picked up a major trophy. I’m fed up with this you can believe whatever you want but I’m still proud of the fact that our current golfers have achieved more than yours have.

  9. Boxing doesn’t involve the same technique or risk factor as golf ffs, and the only reason why Tyson didn’t win much when he was older was because he bit that guy in the ear and got banned for a while, he was never the same when he returned to the game.

  10. We only have 3 notable players? 4 actually, Shane lowry is doing really well at the moment and he’s only 22 he’s got great potential. And if you look at the population of our countries – Ireland = 6.2 million approx. England = 51 million approx. So the fact that you may have 6 or 7 notable players isn’t really that impressive. We still have 4 majors anyway because golf is turning out to be our game, not yours …bitch.

  11. FALDO wasn’t in the top 10 at McIlroy’s age, no where near it. He only won his first PGA event when he was 28 years old – McIlroy won the Quail Hollow Open recently this year shattering the course record with with a 62 lol. And that’s no fluke – he shattered two records this year lol British Open at St. Andrews and that, he could have won 2 majors this year come to think of it had he kept his head on the second day of the open.

  12. No, Ireland has better golfers than England – Even McIlroy has won more tournaments than Ian Poulter on the PGA Tour. Majors are essentially what define a player’s career. And the reason why McDowell isn’t in the top 10 atm is because he didn’t play in any tour events after the US Open because he was too busy partying and rightfully so. England has good golfers, yes, but none of them have shown the mental capability or talent of winning a major which is every golfer’s dream.

  13. I’m talking about Ireland being better than England when it comes to PGA Tour golf standard or European Tour, no one cares about anyone below that standard.

  14. You’re trying to make out English golfers to be better which doesn’t make sense to me because you have nothing to back it up, no major wins or anything. By the way, Faldo won his first major at 30 years of age – McIlroy was so close to winning his first (USPGA) at only 21 years of age. I was amazed he didn’t even make the playoffs in that tournament, he was just unlucky with his putts. At this rate I’d be amazed if McIlroy hasn’t bagged 10 majors by the end of his career.

  15. Our best players own your best players by a mile. Like I said 4 majors – 0 majors. Go figure. By the way Faldo is going to be overtaken by McIlroy no problem, McIlroy is just as good as Tiger was in his prime now, even Tiger admitted that McIlroy was better than he was at McIlroy’s age. He’s pretty much a kid at the moment who’s already made his mark on the world stage. When McIlroy won the U10 world golf champs he beat Tiger Wood’s score on that course in the same competition.

  16. And all the English players in the Ryder Cup are 30 years or older so to criticise McIlroy for being immature is way too harsh. Why don’t you take a look at where all those players were at McIlroy’s age. None of them were in the top 10 anyway lol, some of them still aren’t. I’m sorry but when it comes to golfing talent Ireland seems to be on top against England. An international game would be pretty interesting.

  17. Fuck You seriously – Kaymer won the fucking US Open this year that’s more than any of those British golfers you’re talking about will ever do. And by the way – Current All Ireland players= 4 majors, Current English = 0 majors. Go figure. The Ryder Cup means fuck all to be honest it is actually just commercialism, nothing else. Any golfer in would rather win a major than the Ryder Cup, it’s just a bit of fun at the end of the day. And Celtic Manor is also a shite course.

  18. Nah, you talk crap. You need to cut him some slack seriously, if an English man had accomplished what McIlroy has accomplished this year then he’d be the next best golfer. You cannot in anyway rate Casey, Rose or Donald above him at all – those golfers would admit McIlroy as a better golfer. than themselves Maybe for Harrington there might be an argument cause his form has been awful this year but he won 3 majors brilliantly which you can’t take away from him.

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