5 Replies to “Seve Ballesteros”

  1. it was just a porject for school. I did take your footage because i didnt know where to find any footage for this guy and you had some nice stuff

  2. God wanted to have a worthy rival pra play golf and has been called the greatest of all time.
    rest in peace Seve.

  3. Why do people need to copy other people’s videos, you pretty much stole “The Matador” from my channel…

    Turned it in to a low quality horrible compression video.

  4. Great video, well put together! Some great Masters footage there, some I haven’t seen before. A fine tribute to a genius golfer.

    Would you have or know where I could see the bunker shot Seve hit at the 1983 Ryder Cup, 18th hole against F Zoeller? Cant find it anywhere and love to see it again.

    Thank you again

  5. OMG when I was younger my dad and I used to watch golf together on Saturday and Sunday afternoons and Seve was my favorite golfer ever. Thank you for making this. It’s ironic because I remember several of these shots and I have a very bad memory.

    Seve you are my hero, God Bless You

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