9 Replies to “1983 US OPEN GOLF FINAL ROUND”

  1. 3:11 – An advertisement for Hot Dots – fuckn hell. Biggest piece of shit
    ball ever

  2. There’s a German site (golfdigital.tv) that has some coverage of the ’83
    Ryder Cup singles day, but coverage starts after Seve’s match has finished.
    I’m pretty sure it was never captured by the cameras, but hope to be proved
    wrong someday!

  3. Thank you for this great upload. Long may it stay up there! You don’t have
    any 1983 Ryder cup footage knocking around? It really is the holy grail;
    especially Seve’s bunker shot at 18 in the singles, if it was ever filmed.

  4. Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately I think if anyone has footage of THE
    SHOT they are keeping it to themselves. Maybe it will pop up on ebay one

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