McDowell Honored By Golf Writers

The America Golf Writers Association is reportedly honoring Ken Duke & Graeme McDowell at a soon-to-held award ceremony in Augusta.

It’s his perseverance that won Duke the recent esteemed honor while McDowell would be rewarded for his insight and accommodation with media. Rhonda Glenn would be awarded as well for her amazing contributions towards the game.

Ken won the prestigious Ben Hogan acclaim for his gallant consistency in golf in spite of serious physical ailment. The golfer had been suffering from scoliosis since his 7th grade & had a sixteen-inch rod planted on his spine. He toiled hard for a decade in minor leagues prior to making it to PGA Tour. Ten years later the brave golfer won the esteemed Travelers Championship for the first time- he defined the win as “overwhelming” particularly as the award is linked to Ben Hogan.

“An act of true class”, said Ken. “He used the time to learn the ropes of the game”.

The 2010 American Open champ McDowell had once said that the bond with media must get stronger as longer the golfer is on a tour. The Ryder Cup winner backed that up with his statement & won Jim Murray ASAP Sports Award for his accommodation towards media.

“I am very serious with my bond with media”, stated McDowell. “I am really honest to faults- you offer us a global exposure & you are a highly significant cog in entire golf & sports. I really respect the hard work you people put & it is important- good or bad or ugly- to offer you a glimpse of what I am thinking & what’s going with my golf.”

Rhonda Glenn received William Richardson Award given her outstanding and consistent contributions towards the game of golf. She is respected as foremost authority when it comes to women’s golf.