An incredible year for Rickie Fowler

For one of the youngest players in the professional golf face, Rickie Fowler has had one incredible year.

Fowler has kept crowds entertained with his ridiculous choice of hats still his score on the popularity scale is not that appreciable. He strikes today as one of the formidable players as this young genius managed to secure a place in the top five at all the major titles this 2014. He stood second in both the U.S. Open and British Open, was placed third the PGA Championship and finished fifth at the Augusta. This remarkable feat has him lined with greats like Jack and Woods.

After the PGA championship in an interview Rickie Fowler was reportedly heard saying, “This was a lucky year. I had finished at the top five, but being placed third behind McIlory (winner) and Mickelson (second place) was hard. I played my best but it still stings to lose.” Fowler became the first player in a modern day golf arena to pocket four top-five positions without a win.

Fowler and McIlroy are the same age, 25 and their rivalry will be the one people want to see in future. They are the two most talented and smoothest players displaying immense respect for the other. They have apparently also shared competitively healthy posts over twitter where Rickie Fowler congratulated McIlroy who tweeted back for the upcoming many battles to be fought in future.

Fowler in the PGA Championships lost a chance at the first place after bogeying the par three 14th where he hit the ball too far right. “This was an error for lack of concentration. I could not focus properly, if I had just made those last five – six holes strong, I would have a trophy to claim my own. I am really disappointed with the outcome,” informed Fowler after the PGA.