Team Europe Can Regain 2018 Ryder Cup

The 2018 Ryder Cup is just about 6 months away. The European team will be hosting the USA team at Le Golf National. The European team is shaping well and many feel that they have it in them to lift the Ryder Cup once again.

The qualification process for the European Ryder Cup team started last summer at the Czech Masters. The qualification process will be complete after the Made in Denmark in August. The top four players in the European points list and top four players from the World’s point list will get an automatic qualification to the European Ryder Cup team.
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Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson to be part of special task force for USPGA

It hasn’t even been a week since the United States suffered yet another humbling defeat in the Ryder Cup at Gleneagles but the USPGA has already started a complete overhauling of the current system in place.

Ted Bishop, the president of the USPGA has told the media that the association is looking into the option of creating a special task force that will look into the entire system of operations of the Ryder Cup which will have a say in everything, starting from how the captains are chosen to the selection of the final twelve members in the team.

Bishop said that he intends to give this task force a completely blank canvas and hope it can give the PGA some input. He also mentioned that the PGA is willing to take a step back from the action and listen to the advice of people who are directly involved in the action.

There have been reports that the likes of Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson will find places in this task force and will have a huge say in how things go about from now on.

Bishop did mention that there will be around ten to twelve members in the task force and most of them will be past or present players, and while he did not wish to name any potential member, sources do indicate the presence of Mickelson and Tiger Woods as well as Davis Love III.

Mickelson has been very vocal about his criticism of the current debacle of the US team in the Ryder Cup and although Tiger Woods was not a part of the side that lost the third consecutive Ryder Cup to Europe, the 14 time major winner is still the most sought after golfer in the world and the USPGA will turn to him.

A generation apart – Rory McIlroy

Rory McIlroy and Rickie Fowler have set the pace for a younger generation to take interest and indulge in golf, but Rory shows the expertise of a man experienced for his age.

The Sunday afternoon match had Fowler and McIlroy display a spectacular show that defines the new age golf as a young man’s game. McIlroy’s victory at the Valhalla was exciting and at the same time marveling, nonetheless the finish had been an amazing race.

While Rory McIlroy succeeded so much in the golf arena, he has seen his share of bad lucks and bad performances. While dating the beautiful and lovely Danish tennis star Caroline Wozniacki, McIlroy’s golf took a hard blow, and after their three year romance and engagement ended in a heartbreak McIlroy was heard saying, “What happened to me was for the better, my golf had suffered till date but now I have time for myself and the first love of my life.” After this Rory has only come out stronger, while the Wozniacki is supposedly struggling on the tennis front owing to this.

Rory has been in excellent form and his level of concentration and focus are worth mentioning. Every player in the tournament so far has given more than their best but in Rory McIlroy’s case it can safely be said that he put in a bit extra. The dimming lights could not faze this young professional and he rushed up to the 18th quickly, smiling when the sun came out the next day.

Rory’s most significant shot in the entire championship undoubtedly has to be the streaky wood at the 10th that incidentally earned him an eagle that he hit with perfect confidence and extreme courage. Officials have said, “McIlroy can easily earn £50 million year, by showing such promising play.”

An incredible year for Rickie Fowler

For one of the youngest players in the professional golf face, Rickie Fowler has had one incredible year.

Fowler has kept crowds entertained with his ridiculous choice of hats still his score on the popularity scale is not that appreciable. He strikes today as one of the formidable players as this young genius managed to secure a place in the top five at all the major titles this 2014. He stood second in both the U.S. Open and British Open, was placed third the PGA Championship and finished fifth at the Augusta. This remarkable feat has him lined with greats like Jack and Woods.

After the PGA championship in an interview Rickie Fowler was reportedly heard saying, “This was a lucky year. I had finished at the top five, but being placed third behind McIlory (winner) and Mickelson (second place) was hard. I played my best but it still stings to lose.” Fowler became the first player in a modern day golf arena to pocket four top-five positions without a win.

Fowler and McIlroy are the same age, 25 and their rivalry will be the one people want to see in future. They are the two most talented and smoothest players displaying immense respect for the other. They have apparently also shared competitively healthy posts over twitter where Rickie Fowler congratulated McIlroy who tweeted back for the upcoming many battles to be fought in future.

Fowler in the PGA Championships lost a chance at the first place after bogeying the par three 14th where he hit the ball too far right. “This was an error for lack of concentration. I could not focus properly, if I had just made those last five – six holes strong, I would have a trophy to claim my own. I am really disappointed with the outcome,” informed Fowler after the PGA.

Watson gets a customized car from Oakley

American legendary golfer Bubba Watson has been well known for both his playing career as well as his personal life. Last year, the golfer signed a contract with Eye wear company Oakley and as a sign of their goodwill; the company has decided to gift the golfer a custom made Ford Raptor.

The company has acquired a Ford Raptor Super Crew Cab, which was modified by its golf and motorsports division, and was completely customized in around six months. The car is a symbol of good faith among the golfer and Oakley and can be the signal of major endorsements in the future.

The Raptor has a completely bulletproof exterior which even includes the windows and also the custom black digital wrap around the car. It also has the remodelled 6160 billet Oakley grille, a special Oakley logo in the hood, and specially ordered black rims. The interior is also carefully designed with features of lime green colour, which is Bubba Watson’s favourite colour. The seats have a distinct green stitching; complete with the official Oakley branded head rests which enhance the features of the green dashboard. The most unique part of the car is its custom horn which plays the legendary track from the Dukes of Hazard – General Lee.

The car is an extremely big gesture from the company who signed Bubba Watson last year and it can be safely said that it is the start of a very successful partnership which may see both the parties profit from endorsements. The American golfer has a good fan following and as a result, he will be major for the company if they are looking to increase the popularity of their name and brands by putting a public figure in charge of their advertising and endorsement which ensures more coverage and profit.

McDowell Honored By Golf Writers

The America Golf Writers Association is reportedly honoring Ken Duke & Graeme McDowell at a soon-to-held award ceremony in Augusta.

It’s his perseverance that won Duke the recent esteemed honor while McDowell would be rewarded for his insight and accommodation with media. Rhonda Glenn would be awarded as well for her amazing contributions towards the game.

Ken won the prestigious Ben Hogan acclaim for his gallant consistency in golf in spite of serious physical ailment. The golfer had been suffering from scoliosis since his 7th grade & had a sixteen-inch rod planted on his spine. He toiled hard for a decade in minor leagues prior to making it to PGA Tour. Ten years later the brave golfer won the esteemed Travelers Championship for the first time- he defined the win as “overwhelming” particularly as the award is linked to Ben Hogan.

“An act of true class”, said Ken. “He used the time to learn the ropes of the game”.

The 2010 American Open champ McDowell had once said that the bond with media must get stronger as longer the golfer is on a tour. The Ryder Cup winner backed that up with his statement & won Jim Murray ASAP Sports Award for his accommodation towards media.

“I am very serious with my bond with media”, stated McDowell. “I am really honest to faults- you offer us a global exposure & you are a highly significant cog in entire golf & sports. I really respect the hard work you people put & it is important- good or bad or ugly- to offer you a glimpse of what I am thinking & what’s going with my golf.”

Rhonda Glenn received William Richardson Award given her outstanding and consistent contributions towards the game of golf. She is respected as foremost authority when it comes to women’s golf.