12 Replies to “Fred Couples – 3000 FPS SuperG (Driver) 2012”

  1. Freddie Couples is a legend. I love his silky smooth golf swing too. You can learn a lot from this great golf swing. I am serious, not spamming. But these facts remain–Any golfer will find it easier to control the club on the downswing and consistently deliver a square clubface at impact if he or she starts the downswing with the club shaft parallel or just short of parallel to the ground AND Freddie likely would have won more than 1 major tournament if he had better accuracy on his shots.

  2. My friend I have played this game since I was about 10 years old. I had a very long break, not being able to play much in the middle years from age 30 to just about 5 years ago, because of my career and traveling, etc. However, I have learned this much since I came back and started playing again on a regular basis at age 53; There is NO replacement for fundamentals, they are timeless!!

  3. It’s called the swing destroyer if you grip hard with those fingers, try very light pressure in the right hand and let ‘er rip, just like Freddie!!

  4. I agree… Hogan expressed the same thoughts 55 years ago (Five Lessons). He needed a total of 19 pages to express his ideas related to the grip.

  5. Let me tell you a little secret that’s not really a secret but all good players know it. Your right hand is sometimes called the “swing destroyer” because people think that is where the power comes from. If people would learn to lighten up the grip pressure in the right hand, they would be amazed at how much easier it is to swing!!!

  6. I really love Freddie Couplees Golfswing and I have learned alot from it, thanks for the vid!!

  7. At the top of the backswing, Fred has swung the club shaft past parallel to the ground, making too long of a backswing. This makes it harder to control the club on the downswing and consistently deliver a square clubface at impact, producing straight shots.–GS.

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