12 Replies to “Fred Couples – Slow Motion 1”

  1. Tigers left leg stiffens at impact too. That’s why he fractured his shin. Freds back limits him, but if this straight left leg is such a problem, doesn’t explain why he’s hitting up with guys half his age when his swing looks like he’s half asleep

  2. I’m not just spamming. Clubhead speed is maximized at impact when your hips, legs, and knees pull your torso, shoulders, arms, then hands through impact in a sequential whipping motion. When your left leg stiffens before impact, you disrupt the power created by the larger muscles of your legs pulling the smaller muscles of your upper body, which “cracks the whip” at impact. That leaves you with only the power you can generate with your shoulders, arms, and hands.

  3. Fred hits against a stiff left leg at impact, which means his legs quit driving at the target just before impact, and he is making an upper body swing at the ball. A strong, fast, smooth leg drive through the ball naturally pulls the coiled upper body and produces maximum clubhead acceleration through impact. Fred is losing power in his golf swing by not driving the legs to smoothly and fully transfer his body weight back to his left side through impact.–GS.

  4. Sure he can. He just doesn’t care, as long as they’re comfortable. Freddie style.

  5. common Frederick….with all your money you couldn’t buy a matching pair of shoes to go with your outfit??

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