20 Replies to “Seve’s Putting Trick 1984 RARE FOOTAGE”

  1. I understood your sarcasm straight away =), but… next time add (?) to the comment and we’ll ALL know :))).

  2. I am 45 years old and I have followed Seve’s career right from when it first started. I am so gutted to hear of his death. Seve was always my favourite player. Rest in peace, Seve, you were magic and a true legend and a gentleman on and off of the golf course. All of your family and friends and fans love you, Seve.

  3. Tiger is not likeable, charming, nor witty, nor did he possess the nouse to play golf the way Seve played it and invent shots.

  4. I have done that trick a number of times and only got in the hole once but couldn’t remember why or who I got the idea from, now I know and how could I have forgot. Thanks for posting, Adios Seve RIP a true master!

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