25 Replies to “Ian Poulter tries speed golf to finish round 3 of THE PLAYERS”

  1. can’t describe how much I would have loved to see him hook his drive into the water after he ran to the teebox

  2. Yes sir! Love it here too, man. Great course, yet demanding on any given day. Greens like glass in the summer though. I live on the 8th green of the East Course so I go out almost every night and work on my short game. I don’t think the marshalls and grounds crew would appreciate it but I don’t really give a shit, it beats using an 8’x2′ artificial putting green.

  3. I’m blessed to live across the street from this amazing course. Have been to every Players in the past ten years. Grew up a mile from Oakmont and currently live on the Sawgrass Ocean Course, the former site of The Players. Great course in it’s own right.

  4. Actually he didn’t, moron. The person who made it up and posted it on a message board as a false rumor lied, never brought forth any evidence, and was almost charged for defamation.

  5. Phil’s group didn’t have to let him through, but Phil is a gentleman, and so is Poulter. Poulter sacrificed quality golf so his group would have a better chance at doing well in the final round, so I applaud him for his effort to get the round in, and Phil and company for being kind enough to let them through.

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  7. really? because mickelson told him a few holes back if he needed to tee off to get the round in than that would be okay. get your facts straight

  8. I respect what Poulter did. The group would have had to wake up early, warm up, play the holes, cool down and do the whole process of getting ready for the next 18 holes again. It makes for a very long day then. Also, Phil saw/heard Poulter and waved him through so he could hit his tee shot. So I say this…Run, Poulter. Run!

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  10. he’s smart. i wouldnt want that tee shot as my first shot the next morning. it could ruin the 4th round!

  11. Fuckin announcers! The players in front have no problem with this. They themselves have done it multitudes of times growing up and playing in competitions.

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