Matt, Looks Forward To Olympics

For those who train and aim for Olympic appearance, they definitely find it in their destiny if they finally make the eligibility list.

That is what the case seems to be for Matt Kuchar. He states that earning a berth in the Olympic Games this year at Rio seems to be in his fate. The American professional player has maintained a focused vision about Rio and any impending perils like the possibility of getting affected by Zika virus or the plummeting state of the economy or security level concerns cannot remove his focus from his goal in the Games. Kuchar states that his vision is to have the gold medal being slipped around his neck. He is hoping that golf would make a major comeback in the Olympic Games this year. Indeed, the game is being hosted at this venue and being included as part of the Games after an absence of 112 years.

He feels that this fact is really cool. He also feels that it is a shame that several players who are top of the game are not part of the Olympic event. There were practice rounds that were held at Royal Troon. He made his public comments for the first time as he became the last minute addition to the golf contingent that would be participating from US. Kuchar is ranked 15th as per the world rankings. He added as a substitute when Jordan Spieth took the decision that he would not be part of the contingent. Kuchar is excited about the prospect and the fact that it was in his destiny to be included in the contingent last minute. He feels that it is paramount when one gets included in the group going for the Olympics and gets a chance to win medals.