Park Sung-Hyun From Korea

Park Sung-Hyun is ranked world number nine among rankings and has won the largest sum at the KLPFA tour that was held this season.

She has announced that she would be leaving the Korean circuit soon and venturing into the women’s tour in the US in the forthcoming season. Park departing from the domestic tour would be surely a blow to the local circuits. Her presence had boosted the popularity of the local tournaments as well as the prize money offered in total. This is a well known ploy which tournament organizers undertake when they wish to keep on board the top players of the game.

The 23 year old player has won more than 1.1 million in prize money. This has been her earnings from playing in her country alone. She has also finished among the top ten positions in five major global events of the game. She is known for her long hitting skills. Korea has produced such a talent after a long time. Experts feel that she needs to put in efforts to improve on her putting abilities.

This being done, she will reach the number one slot easily. She stated at a news conference that she would be moving to LPGA tour that is coming up next season. She would be aiming the Rookie of the Year award and for preparing for the same she would be moving to the US in the next season. Many have expected this move to come along, but Park herself has to prepare substantially for such a move. Her English skills are poor and the decision to become part of the US tour is a difficult one as it means that she has to move away from her home. Her fans would surely be bidding her farewell, but would look forward to following her feats as well.