25 Replies to “Remembering Seve”

  1. Seve. Un hombre especial. Soy Sueco y falta un poco de palabras en espanol.
    Pero por fin,,GRACIAS para todo. Tu estuve el jugador que abre en golf en
    Espana. Gracias.

  2. Gosh….he is happy even when he wedges in a funny 9ft chip on the beach.
    genius. We love you back so much

  3. only a handful of golfers can truly say they helped golf become a global
    sport and few did it like Seve,God Bless you SB

  4. the man loved nothing more than beating the Americans ever 2 years in the
    Ryder cup even when he could not join them in 2010 he had a phone call with
    the whole team that last over a hour which the team had to cut off because
    he just keep talking

  5. Pachelbel’s cannon in D, & Seve’s cannons from the T. Beautiful combination.
    I doubt any man in golf has been more loved than Seve.

  6. Es una emoción demasiado fuerte ver unas imágenes de alguien que nos
    ilusionó tanto con el golf. Cada lágrima soltada es como ver volar esos
    golpazos al cielo.

  7. Was there ever a better worker of the golf ball. I doubt it. And a great
    person. I caddied for him once for 9 holes when his regular caddy was late
    at a proam. Unforgettable experience watching him play that close. So much
    emotion too!

  8. Nice video of one of the greatest human beings in the world. unfortunately
    again this very bad music.

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