Woods Back With Strength But Worried About Swing

Much to the delight of all his connoisseurs, Tiger Woods is back with strength but it’s his poor swing that is worrying him. The player had a tough time this year with surgery and injuries keeping him weak and off the field. However, the iconic golfer had been working hard in gym lately which has helped in enhancing the strength quotient as he is gearing to bounce back actively from December.

“We are quite past strength phase at present& currently my strength is back where it is supposed to be”, remarked Woods at the famous Isleworth Golf and Country Club – the club where he had spent the initial fifteen years of pro career. “Currently I am just required to have my speedy twitch going & get back my speed- which would be taking good time. That is the part of my 2nd training phase which is coming up right now.”

Tiger had his 5th surgery in twenty years- this year on back- & failed to score at a PGA event for 3rd in past 5 years.

Current world # 1 McIlroy (Rory) referred to Phil Mickelson and Woods as being on final holes of career while he was questioned when whether the best 2 golfers would be actually eligible for Tour Championship event for the 1st time from 1992. Rory was just noting the ages of the two golfers – Woods is 38 & Phil is 44- & their injuries. It was the “final few holes” part of his comment which turned into some internet sensation soon. While the Irish star was asked whether he feels it necessary to explain the remarks to the former # 1, he laughed saying-“ I have said even worse on his face.”

“I though it’s funny”, Woods remarked.