24 Replies to “Rory Mcilroy Top Shots”

  1. yea tiger was impressed with rory’s win…everyone was…it was an amazing performance…now come back to me when he wins by 15….nobody finished under par at Pebble or even close to it when tiger won…If you are trying to say Rory had a greater US Open performance than u are not thinking clearly, or are just majorly biased towards Rory.

  2. well Tiger didn’t win the US open until his mid 20s – and McIlroy did it at 21 or 22 and smashed all his records….so I think its a bit early to say anything about his future career with some of the stuff we’ve seen him do – even Tiger would disagree with you if you’ve ever heard him speak about him.

  3. In 2011, a choke is going into Sunday at Augusta with a four stroke lead shooting the worst round in history by any professional golfer leading after the third-round of the Masters, like Rory McIlroy, whose name was just a little too similar to Roy McAvoy’s for the golf gods, did when he finished tied for fifth at the Masters.

    Rory, go fuck yourself. Rory fans—I hope you all die!!!

  4. disbelief?? i said that guy is a huge talent who is going to win and win alot…..but to say hes going to accumulate 14 majors and 100+ victories worldwide in the next 3 years….sorry, not going to happen…like i said, too many players that are too good.

  5. @63Bueno That sure is a lot of disbelief in a 22 year old who is already dominant in the PGA.

  6. I may not be duplicated, of course.
    But remember that nobody will duplicate what Jack Nicklaus did.

  7. i totally agree front on view of 5 iron he just whips over it like a demon possessed lemur

  8. Would we go as far to say Mind Control? Would we say Illuminati and MK Ultra? Would we also be able to say that he was only as good because of that?

  9. id actually put him more in between tiger n phil probably finish with 6 to 8 majors and around 50 career wins, not that i complain if i had a career like that

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